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Do you want to move forward in life with clarity and confidence?  Do you want to be free from the past so that you can live your best life?  Do you want to rid yourself of anxiety, fear, stress, PTSD or other issues that are preventing you from living the life you want?

If you answered yes to any of the above, Rapid Transformational Therapy has the answers.

I've been there, its transformed my life and now I want to help you transform yours.

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Rapid Transformational Therapy ®

What is it?

RTT is a unique form of hypnotherapy devised by Marisa Peer, who has had over 30 years experience as a hypnotherapist and therapist.  It uses hypnotherapy combined with techniques with their roots in NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) to bring about phenomenal changes in emotional and physical issues.   It is endorsed by many international organisations, including the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR), the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (IACT) and the International Hypnosis Federation (IHF).

How does it work?

Our conscious mind can hold quite a lot of information but our subconscious mind remembers every event, emotion and belief that has occurred over our lifetime. By accessing the subconscious mind through hypnotherapy we can discover the root cause of an issue and the meaning and interpretation we have given to an event.  We can then change these beliefs and instruct our minds to work positively for us.  However, RTT goes beyond hypnosis and the usual technique of positive reinforcement. Instead it uses a number of tools that help you, not only to communicate with your subconscious, but also to fix any blocks that may be there, almost always bringing about phenomenal changes.

What kind of issues can it help?

RTT can help people to move away from addictions, such as drugs, smoking, alcohol and food. By altering and improving the messages that our minds send to our bodies we can also permanently overcome mental health issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD and insomnia.

Using a technique called Cell Command Therapy it can also help with many physical issues; autoimmune diseases, physical pain, hair loss and infertility to name but a few. It can also help to release people from the effects of trauma they may have held onto for many years, including sexual and emotional abuse and PTSD. 

How quickly does it work?

Most issues take between 1 and 3 sessions. Sessions generally come as part of a 30 day package which involves an introductory chat, intake form, hypnotherapy session with regression, a personal recording and follow up calls.   There is close contact between the therapist and client over the 30 days, providing additional support and guidance.

Where do the sessions take place?

There are two types of session, both equally effective. They can take place at The Rebeccah Curtis Wellness, Laguna Beach, Torrox Costa, Nr Malaga or online.    I have clients in the UK, US and Europe.


My Personal Journey with RTT

The year before Covid I was in depression. I was struggling through every day, feeling exhausted, feeling sad, feeling a million miles from my old bouncy, happy self. Anyone who has just come out of a narcissistic relationship will surely recognise those feelings. 


When lockdown came I was delighted.  I didn't need to see anyone or go to work.  It suited the headspace I was in but gradually I began to feel like I needed to do something about my life.  


I read about Rapid Transformational Therapy.   I was already trained as a therapist in several disciplines but this methodology resonated with me and I thought I could train in this to help both my existing clients and others.  Also, I could perhaps find healing to help me recover from my 2nd narcissistic relationship and from the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that I had suffered with over the past 19 years.

As a start, before our session, my RTT therapist recommended I make a vision board of how I would like my relationship to be.  I copied lots of photos of happy couples doing different activities such as mountain walking, cooking together, snuggling up to watch TV or strolling on the beach.  They were smiling, happy, loving photos but looking at them just made me feel dead inside. I couldn't connect with them at all.  Those relationships were out of my reach and my heart was a closed ball of stone.

Then we did our session and I got to understand the beliefs that I had created about myself.  That I was unloveable, ugly and I didn't deserve a loving, caring partner. But I'd created those beliefs as a small child and none of them were true!  I got to see clearly how my mind had been working and to then create new, positive beliefs.  I came out of the session feeling such a release and when I looked at my vision board I could at last connect to those people, to the feelings and emotions generated by those beautiful photographs. 

I could feel love. Love for myself and love for others.  Emotions that had been buried were quietly coming back.  My self-esteem grew and each day I felt happier.  I had 2 more sessions, which really helped me to remove the last remnants of the feelings of worthlessness, being unloveable, of being triggered when I saw my ex and of reliving those painful memories over and over .

Finally, I was free. What I had spent the last 3 years trying to achieve, I had done in 3 short sessions.

I then went to work on the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I had always thought that it was caused by the financial and emotional pressure my first husband had put me under but under hypnosis I got to see that the beliefs it had sprung from had been formed much earlier than that.  The marriage break up was just the trigger.

From the first session I felt much more energised and my joints hurt less.  By the third session I was back to my old energetic self.  Instead of struggling after walking 1km, I was walking 22km up in the mountains, feeling fantastic and having no repercussions in the following days. The horrific tiredness had gone and I felt, and continue to feel, amazing!



Narcissistic Abuse

I feel so calm and powerful after understanding where my pattern came from, and after  listening to the recording I feel able to take charge of choosing without being afraid of outcomes, as i  now  know what i want in a relationship. I had this repeating pattern of choosing / attracting emotionally unavailable women, being abused emotionally without understanding why.  During the session with Katrina, I finally understood my own issue and even better - the issue is now gone.  Her presence and calming voice made me relax deeply, feeling safe and in good hands. I really liked that she understood me, without any judgement, leading me to resolve this problem more easily.    A,   Oslo

I'm a lot better, things have changed rapidly on such a short period of time, it is amazing to experience it.  I feel more balanced emotionally, and i am able to take in more studies, which is so helpful. And social life feels more relaxing

L, Norway

I had a very severe problem with the attachment to the narcissistic man, it was almost 3 gruelling years of mental and spiritual abuse.  I tried a lot of things: psychotherapy, lots of prayers and self-development but the attachment remained.  Luckily, it was long distance relationship.  Still i just could not get this person out of my head and I could not understand the reality until my friend, who is also studying with Marisa Peer, took a guess that it could be a relationship with a narcisssistic man.  After that I started to learn about narcissistic personality disorder and it had become cleasr to me what is going on. I desperately tried to live my life free of this man, unsuccessfully, unfortunately.  My friend suggested I seek help with Katrina, Who specalises in working with victims of narcississtic abuse.  I should say that that is the best decision I have made.  Katrina is a  vey high professional with excellent skills and deep knowledge.  She  also is a wonderful, kind, compassionate and sensitive person.  She worked with me for a month, monitoring myprogress and supporting me in a very difficult journey.  At times it was so hard, that I was thinking to quit but with Katrina's loving support I was moving forward.  It is very important to listen to the audio for 21 days no matter what.  Not easy a t all but it is totally worth it. After 21 days fo listening I felt quite relieved.  It was like this person was very far away and what happened was not with me, it was not me.  I feel like I am my own person again, free of unhealthy dependency.  I am very grateful for Katrina's excellent work. I highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Katrina for your assistance. With gratitude and deep respect.

T,   San Francisco


I was feeling really anxious about my health. I kept thinking I was going to die, that I had some incurable illness.  It got so I couldn't work and I was struggling to look after my kids on my own.  I spent all day googling different symptoms and by night time felt terrible..  

Then I did a session with Katrina over zoom. It was so easy, she made me feel safe and relaxed.  And I found how and  where the anxiety came from and it all made sense.  And Katrina helped me create a new way of looking at things and I feel so free,  I don't look at google any more and feel so much better,  I'm calmer and able to focus on my future and on my girls.  Thank you Katrina.

S,    London

I was scared to leave the house .  I felt as if I might collapse if I did.  I was panicked.   But now after my session i can go out whenever i want  and have coffee or catch the bus to town.   and i feel very calm and much better in myself.     S,    Andalucia

I had so much anxiety.  Every thing worried me and I felt stressed all of the time.  After the zoom session with Katrina I felt so much calmer and every day listening to the recording made me feel better.  I have now gone back to studying and I feel so much more confident. Thank you Katrina

C, England

After living the majority of my life with  anxiety, bouts of depression and OCD, I feel as if a weight has finally been lifted.  Having experienced previous talking therapies, hypnotherapy has helped me in a way that previous therapies didn't. I am now ablw to look forward and embrace life. It has enabled me to let go of many issues that I know were holding me back and to be able to live life to the full. I now feel much calmer and more in control of my life. I feel able to make decisions without overthinking if it is the right choice for me.  It has encouraged me to re take up exercise classes and new experiences that I want to do. 

After a few difficult years I finally feel free to do things I have had on hold for so long. I think more about what I need  without feeling selfish and practice saying no when I used to say yes!  This feels very liberating for the first time in my life.  It felt strange at first but I am gradually feeling more confident doing this.  I realise how important this is for my mental health and wellbeing. I will always be grateful for seeing the advertisement for RTT during mental health awareness week in May.

Thank you Katrina

Carol, Andalucia



For some time I've been over-reacting to everything - a problem on the computer would have me screaming at it!  I was also finding myself worn out from trying to do everything for everyone and I was getting so upset if things didn't work the way I expected .  I knew there was something I needed to sort out. I read about RTT, did some research and made an appointment with Katrina. Am I glad I did!  What a transformation! I've had hypnotherapy before but this went further.  I was able to address issues going back to when I was just a child and came to understand  why I was being as I was and more importantly, how to change things.

Now I'm truly a changed person! (My husband is VERY pleased). No more swearing at the pc, no more upset over what people do. No more doing things that I really don't want to!  I am calmer, more tolerant and definitely a more peaceful, happier person.  Katrina's skill and invaluable weekly support is first class and I recommend her wholeheartedly.

T, Torre del Mar


I went to see Katrina because I had a phobia of water which meant I didn't like walking near rivers, the sea or swimming pools.  We have moved to Southern Spain but I couldn't enjoy the beach. I was too scared to go close to the water, let alone swim!

Katrina was very caring and professional and I felt very at ease in the session even though I had never done hypnosis before.  Going back to 3 childhood scenes was amazing, they were so vivid and I understood completely where my fear came from  and was able to let go.

Now I can go in the sea and the pool with confidence and I am looking forward to summer on the beach and we are now able to think of going on a cruise which my husband has wanted to do for years but I was always to scared to do.

Anne, Andalucia


Thank you Katrina Jones  for my first session of RTT yesterday on Zoom as I'm in the UK.  It was absolutely incredible. It took me back into my early childhood, much earlier than my Accident, Brain Haemorrhage and resulting TBI,  to incidents that were the start and progression of my sudden anger outbursts and  this will give me a method to put this behind me and move onto a "Normal" life.  I will enthusiastically recommend you to anyone needing help and I know, from my experience, that its a very big percentage of the male population who traditionally don't like to admit they have problems and seek help.  Thank you again, you are absolutely amazing.

Colin,  Wales

Update from Colin

I would like to highly recommend Katrina for helping me get to the root cause and beat my Anger issues that have resulted in me having to move out of our home into a flat away from my incredible wife that I have been putting through hell for the last 6 years since my Traumatic Brain injury from a fall from a ladder onto a stone floor.  Katrina got to the root of my anger which turned out not to have been caused by my accident but was the result of an issue with my Father which happened when i was only 5 years old.  She enabled me to finally realise that I wasn't the failure I thought I was.  something I have been trying to do subconciously all these years. My brain injury just made it worse.  I haven't had an anger outburst for 6 weeks now, something that normally happened about 3 times a week. I can't thank Katrina enough and if I can continue this new behaviour, which I honestly think i can, there is a good chance that I  can get back with my Fabulous Wife.


I would like to thank Katrina for helping me reduce  my tinnitus from the mind numbing levels it was reaching. It confined me to curling up in bed for days bu is now at a level i find very easy to live with. If you suffer from Tinnitus give Katrina's treatment a go. I can't guarantee it will work for everyone, but it certainly did for me. I can't thank her enough for giving me my life back.

C,   UK

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